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MATE, there is no talent here... oh.

Hanging around Alex Square in the rain, falling asleep in the Learning Zone and repeatedly getting told off for bringing my umbrella into Venue by the DON'T SHEK IT woman - these things were regular occurrences in my Lancaster life. Today saw the end to another great Lancaster institution: as of around 3am this morning, Carleton was no more.

She doesn't even GO HERE (any more), I might hear you suggest. Well. Never mind. 

Here is a collection of my favourite Carleton moments. Just call it a tribute - to three years of Wednesday nights.

Soz Katy.

Patriot's Carleton... 

What beauts... just before we ended up in A&E getting told off. Class.

So much lovin'. 



We dressed as chimney sweeps and took a broom to Carleton. Couldn't do it anywhere else.

Tasty face.

Foam's about to hit.

Came home later covered in washing up liquid and without golf club or glasses, gutted.

Thank you Carleton! 

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